nexus office

With more than 30 years of experience,
Nexus specializes in designing and manufacturing spiral conveyors, curve conveyors, and integrated conveyor systems.
All our products are made in Taiwan, which guarantees high-quality production.
Customers who desire factory expansion and automation benefit from Nexus products.
We are your backup force, doing our best to maximize your production capacity.

We Help You To—

● Save space and cost in your factory

● Improve the throughput and minimize downtime

● Simplify the work of operation and maintain

Innovation Is Our Faith

We believe a conveyor system is the key to unlock the potential of production.

We keep updating our knowledge of the field and provide our customers with top-quality products.

Top Security Is Guaranteed, And We Promise to Give You More!

We are never satisfied with the ordinary.
We are committed to breaking the traditional concept of the conveyor system, going beyond your expectations!

Customization Design: Our Products Are the Perfect Fit for Your Factories.

Our products are designed based on customers’ individual needs. Our products can be perfectly integrated with the existing systems & equipment in your factories of internal logistics, primary & secondary packaging, food & non-food processing, printing, etc.


Designing is more than improving the throughput. Based on professional knowledge and the spirit of human-centered design, we give every NEXUS conveyor with artistic aesthetics.


Feel free to let us know your ideas, let’s make it happened!

R & D, Explore+Evolve+Effective

“Quality is the soul of a mechanical manufacture.” We always keep this in mind. With effective SOPs and a strong sense of responsibility, we ensure the highest quality and on-time production.


Our mission is to make products beyond expectations.

Production, Accurate+Adroit+Assiduous

As a bridge between customers and engineers, we always listen to you. From beginning to end, we always give you an immediate response. We are your friends who are always there for you.


Don’t hesitate to contact us, and tell us what is in your mind.

Sales, Conscientious+Caring+Credible