With a built-in motor and 5 mm pitch modular conveyor belt, the outer roller diameter of the NEXUS Miniature Conveyor is only 19 mm.

It serves as perfect transition between conveyors, preventing objects from falling into the triangular area between rollers.

It solves the disadvantage of the traditional transfer method that the objects are moved by the pushing force, which is inefficient and could harm the objects.

Nexus miniature conveyor

Excellent Quality

● The stainless steel frame allows NEXUS Mini to be used in both the food and non-food industries.

● Reliable load capacity. Max. load capacity is up to 60 kg (Max. load capacity of the inside motor is 10 kg ~ 20 kg).

● The operating direction is bidirectional.

● We insist to use high-quality accessories and keep improving our production technology to ensure the durability and long service life of our conveyors.

Delicate Appearance

● 5 mm pitch and self-locking modular design of the belt make works of assembling and dismantling very easy. The nub-top surface of the belt greatly increases the friction.

● The outer diameter of NEXUS Mini is only 19 mm, which makes the transition smooth.

Intelligent Design

● Built-in motor brings streamline frame and low-noise operation.

● The thickness of the conveyor is less than 100 mm, easy to carry and install.

● The speed is adjustable for different applications.

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