Space Saving

Traditional bottle accumulation table usually features s big rectangle (1.5–3 m width and 10–20 m length), which wastes large space in the factory.

Nexus Spiral Accumulating Spiral Conveyors make the best of 3D transportation and save valuable floor space.

Great Accumulation Capacities

The standard width of slat chains for Nexus Spiral Accumulating Conveyor is 135 mm. Multiple tracks are available as options.

Human-Centered Design

Cover plates on the bottom of the track have a BA surface, which can clearly reflect the objects underneath. It serves as a real-time monitor.

NEXUS conveyors can be easy integrated with other processes lines, such as filling lines, capping lines, sterilization lines, etc.

Excellent Stability

The zigzag-shape design makes no gap on the slat chain even in the turning position. It minimizes the object-falling risk.

Slat chain of Spiral Accumulating Conveyor is made from composite material. It is resistant to high temperatures (90 degrees Celsius) and ensures stable operation. SPACESPACESPACESPACESPACESPACESPACESPACESPACESPACES


135mm accumulating belt