NEXUS, Taiwan’s premier spiral conveyor manufacturer, innovates to ease installation and maintenance work through our advanced conveyor designs.

unit load spiral conveyor

Unit Load Spiral Conveyor
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NEXUS Narrow track spiral

Narrow-Track Spiral Conveyor
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NEXUS Dual track spiral

Dual-Track Spiral Conveyor
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NEXUS Gravity roller spiral conveyor

Gravity-Roller Spiral Conveyor
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Spiral Accumulation Conveyor
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spiral buffer


Spiral Buffer Conveyor
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Innovative design

Mechanical problems can be complicated but their solutions are surprisingly simple!
We understand users’ requirements & expectations well. On each NEXUS Spiral Conveyor, you can see the potential to optimize your performance.

Easy Maintenance

Overload protection, chain over-length sensor, automatic lubrication device, etc. All these devices make NEXUS Spiral Conveyors extremely user-friendly. With the guidance of our user manual, the operator can do the maintenance work at ease.

Other accessories like rigid chains and high-quality bearings ensure low-friction, durable, smooth operation, and long life of NEXUS Spiral Conveyors.

How to judge the sag of the transmission chain as normal or not? (NEXUS Blog Post)

When do you need to change a new chain in your spiral conveyor? (NEXUS Blog Post)

slat chain type spiral conveyor

Low Noise

Operational noise is only 60 dB (normal conversation is at 60 ~ 70 dB), providing you a comfortable working environment.

NEXUS Spiral Conveyors—Noise level is only around 60 dB (NEXUS Blog Post)

noise lever

Premium Lacquering

In contrast to the inferior manual painting of other brands that causes uneven surface and color leadings to difficulty in cleaning. Our quality painting technique guarantees you the highest quality.

Simple Installation

Our standard spiral conveyor is designed to perfectly fit the size of the container. The ready-to-run Conveyor can be shipped on a pallet; when arriving on site, it simply requires positioning (the weight of the conveyor is so light that can be lifted by hand pallet trucks), leveling, and electrical connection. The ease of installation saves you labor costs.

Customization Service

The choice of colors, materials, and the application of the auto control system of the conveyor is in your hands. Different kinds of flexible spiral conveyors can be customized by NEXUS to you.

Unbeatable Price

Supplying spiral conveyors with highly effective performance to our customers is our goal, we insist on the originality of design. Also, we use economical & robust materials with the most effective methods of production to achieve cost-benefits. What our spiral conveyors help you to save is not only space but cost.

Bidirectional spiral conveyor