NEXUS Gravity Roller Spiral Conveyor is the perfect solution for the downwards transportation of cartons, plastic crate/box and other rigid packaging items. The high-quality unpowered rollers are installed on the whole conveyor to achieve gentle transportation of product without power consumption.


Zero Power Consumption

NEXUS Roller Spiral is not driven by a motor. Products slip down via rollers smoothly and make perfect declined transportation. Without power consumption, it is the most eco-friendly solution.

Flexible Customization

The width of the track and the number of layers are customized. Multi-entry transportation can be also realized by sensors and other electronic controls. Roller spiral is the best solution for high-rise buildings. Extra tracks can be also added to improve throughput.

Low Maintenance

Due to the simplified structure of the frame, only simple & regular works of maintenance is required. This saves a lot of cost of labor and downtime.

Spacing Saving

No space will be wasted by the spiral transport solution. Compact structure saves a valuable footprint for your factory. SPACESPACESPACE

Reliable Load Capacity

No matter it is a light-/heavy-weight application, cartons and other containers can be conveyed by a gravity roller spiral conveyor smoothly and easily.

NEXUS Gravity roller spiral conveyor