NEXUS Narrow Track Spiral Conveyor features a compact frame.
It minimizes footprint and power consumption is the perfect solution for the light-duty conveyance of small objects.

NEXUS Narrow Track Spiral Conveyor is equipped with 135 mm or 165 mm slat chains.
To ensure the high quality of the product, all slat chains are designed and produced by NEXUS.


Small Footprint

A narrow track spiral conveyor is one of the most compact solutions for vertical conveyance. With a small footprint, it can fit in the limited space.

Frame of Spiral Conveyor

The frame is made of stainless steel or mild steel painted (double-coated, primer + topcoat). Good materials ensure durability and the long service life of the conveyors.

Low Noise

Operational noise is only 60 dB (normal conversation is at 60-70 dB).
This ensures you a comfortable working environment.

Low Maintenance

A lubrication device is installed in NEXUS Spiral Conveyor to simplify the work of maintenance.

SEW is the standard brand of the motor we use, while other brands are also available, please specify.

The control box is not standard equipment for NEXUS Spiral Conveyor.

       165mm slat chain spiral                           135mm slat chain spiral