It’s time to replace the traditional curve conveyors in PVC belts, rollers or common modular belts

with modular-belt-equipped NEXUS Curve Conveyors!

45 curve conveyor

45 Degree

90 curve conveyor

90 Degree

180 curve conveyor

180 Degree




NEXUS Curve Conveyor overcomes the defects of traditional conveyors:

Innovative Design

Central driving design (patented) realizes bi-directional operation and remains the same effectiveness.

● The modular conveyor belt is used to prolong the service life of the conveyor. A lifetime of NEXUS Curve Conveyor is at least 3 times longer than PVC-belt curved conveyor.

● We invented the world’s first automatic angle calibration method of steel plate cutting. Hide bearings in two ends, we greatly reduce the conveyor width.


Improved Performance

● 600 mm inner turning radius is different from other common curved conveyors. We eliminate the straight section and save more space.

● Speed is adjustable. This enables our conveyor to meet various requirements.

● Driven by sprockets, NEXUS modular belt runs smoothly without slippage and keeps the operation stable and safe.

● We improve the load capacity. The conveyor can stand heavy-weight applications (up to 500 kg).


PDF DownloadClick here to download the leaflet of NEXUS Curve Conveyor

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