From the very beginning, we eliminate any chance that may cause extra work for the users.


Loading & Shipment

To ensure our spiral conveyors are well protected during the process of loading/unloading and shipment, it is fixed within the steel frame and covered by water- & dust-proof film.

If not specially required, the port of loading is Kaohsiung Port.

The size of containers is related to the specifications of spiral conveyors.



With great design and instruction video, customers can install spiral conveyors by themselves easily.

To install the spiral conveyor, one should fully understand the content of the users’ guide and strictly follow its instructions.

For NEXUS installation service, please contact us.



Our user-friendly design makes maintenance & cleaning is easy-peasy to be carried out.
You can get the job done in a snap :

1. Clean spiral conveyor for dust and debris
2. Inspect slats & carriers, replace any damaged parts
3. Check chain tension and adjust it if necessary