A: It depends on the specification of each spiral conveyor. The delivery time usually takes 75~90 working days. For an accurate time, please contact us.

A: NEXUS Spiral Conveyors are equipped with SEW motors. Customers can also specify other brands.

If not specified, we use Taiwanese brands of parts, which are of good quality. The customers can also specify other brands of parts.

A: Warranty period of motor installed in NEXUS Spiral Conveyor is 1 year. The warranty period of the transmission chain is  3800 hours. For other accessories, please contact us for more details. or download the product warranty form on our website
A: All NEXUS Spiral Conveyors are equipped with manual lubrication and over-load protection device, other devices such as chain over-length sensor, the brake of motor, frequency converter, control box are available as options.

A: All the slat chains of NEXUS Spiral Conveyor are designed and produced by ourselves. The patent of NEXUS Salt Chain is valid in China and Taiwan.

A: We are glad to establish agency relationships with reliable partners, if interested, please contact us for further discussion.

A: Yes, a bi-directional NEXUS Spiral Conveyor is available (upwards and downwards).
A: NEXUS Miniature Conveyor can serve as perfect bridge, please refer to the following photos:

spiral conveyor end

We also provide multiple infeed/outfeed solutions for spiral conveyors.


A: Standard inner turning radius of NEXUS curve conveyor is 600 mm.

A: The maximum belt width is 1000 mm. Other widths are available as options, including 200 mm, 400 mm, 600 mm and 800 mm. Other non-standard widths such as 420 mm, 640 mm, etc. can also be customized.
A: Generally, the delivery time of curve conveyor is usually 30 days.
A: The standard NEXUS Curve Conveyor is equipped with an IP55  motor, which can meet the need for regular cleaning. If you need curve conveyors in hygiene standard or FDA grade, please specify in advance.
A: If not specified, the motor installed in NEXUS Curve Conveyor is REXMAC (Made in Taiwan). Customers can also specify other brands.

A: All NEXUS Curve Conveyors are bi-directional. It is the standard design.

Q: The maximum speed of NEXUS Curve Conveyor is 60 M/min. Speed adjustment is available, please specify in advance.


A: For external-motor type, the minimum available width is 300 mm, and the minimum length is 150 mm. For external-motor, the maximum length of type A, type B and type C is 300 mm.

mini conveyor type

A: The material of all NEXUS Miniature Conveyors is 304# stainless steel.
A: There are AC small motor, DC small motor and hollow-shaft motor for your choice; For NEXUS Miniature Conveyor, the motor is built-in only when the conveyor width is more than 300 mm. In other cases, the motor will be installed externally.

A: NEXUS Miniature Conveyor can be installed with feet. Conveyor with feet is fixed on other conveyors by bolts.

A: It depends on the motor, Max. load capacity of external-motor type can be up to 60 kg. Max. load capacity of inner-motor type is 10 kg.