Nexus Buffer Spiral solves the downtime problems, and applied in various industries with its flexibility and durability.

Below are some typical projects.

Project 1

  • Industry: dairy processing
  • Transported product: Bottled milk
  • Spiral conveyor type: Dual- track spiral buffer
  • Supply year: 2018
  • Video:

spiral conveyorspiral conveyor

Project 2

  • Industry: beverage processing
  • Transported product: canned coffee (Hot filled 80℃+)
  • Spiral conveyor type: three-track spiral buffer
  • Supply year: 2017
  • Video:

spiral bufferNEXUS spiral conveyor

Project 3:

  • Industry: soap processing
  • Transported Product: soap (Hot 50℃+)
  • Type: single-track spiral buffer
  • Supply Year: 2018
  • Video:

spiral conveyorspiral conveyor

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