NEXUS Dual Track Spiral Conveyor has 2 independent tracks driven by 2 motors. It doubles the throughput of other single-track spirals.

The width of each track is customized, making the conveyor suitable for various factory planning.

To ensure high-quality products, all slat chains are designed and produced by NEXUS.



The frame of NEXUS Dual Track Spiral Conveyor is made of stainless steel or mild steel painted (double-coated, primer + top coat).

These materials ensure the spiral conveyors are durable and have a long product life. SPACESPACESPACESPACESPACESPACESPACESPACESPACESPACESPACE

Two Tracks

The slat width of each track is customized, 135 mm, 165 mm, 250 mm, 400 mm and 600 mm are standard widths for free collocation, other widths also can be processed.


A lubrication device is installed in the NEXUS Spiral Conveyor to simplify the work of maintenance.

SEW is the standard brand of the motor we use, while other brands are also available, please specify. The control box is not standard equipment for NEXUS spiral conveyor.

Two Motors

Each track is equipped with an independent motor. If without appoint, Motor installed in NEXUS spiral conveyor is SEW brand.