Nexus Buffer Spiral solves the downtime problems.

During production, (un)expected downtimes will happen in the front end of production lines. Such as breakdown of metal detection, label changing, the collapse of products, troubleshooting, etc.

Without a buffer conveyor, the only solution is to shut down the downstream machines/lines, and this usually brings huge losses.

Nexus Spiral Buffer is often set beside the top chain conveyor. When downtime happens, the products can be led into the spiral buffer for temporary and dynamic storage. After troubleshooting, the objects will be sent back to the original production line immediately without wasting time.

B Type Spiral Buffer Spiral

B-type spiral buffer is designed as a double-tower with continuous power. Straight in / Straight out is its main feature. It is the best solution for the production line that runs without suspension.

Recommended number of the layers is within 10. For the requirement of more storage capacity, we also provide a dual-power system. Each spiral has 10 layers, and totally two spirals have 20 layers. Nexus Miniature conveyor is mounted between two spirals to achieve the perfect transition.

Type B

Type Buffer Spiral

∞ type spiral buffer gives more flexibility to your layout of production. It breaks the limitation of linear planning and saves more space. However, the standard design of ∞ type spiral buffer is based on a single power.

The total number of layers is 10, double towers. Accordingly, please evaluate if its capacity of storage meets your needs.

Nexus spiral buffers are customized, consult our sales team for solution.