When do you need to change a new transmission chain in your spiral conveyor?

The transmission chain of the spiral conveyor will be stretched in the process of operation, and you will have to change a new chain to ensure the smooth running of the spiral conveyor once the extension is up to its limits.

Usually, there are two kinds of situations for the chain’ elongation:

Original elongation and abrasion elongation.

Original elongation refers to the pre-stretching of new chains before delivery and it is the standard operating procedure. The new chains are stretched to maximum length to eliminate the gap between the chain links with professional equipment by simulating the tension.

However, the chains will continue to extend if confronted with greater tension because of the bigger load or influence of structure in operation, we call it initial tension, so the early elongation is normal. At the same time, longer chains mean bigger elongation.

It is a necessary procedure to dismantle the chain and shorten it in the correct way after 15-30 days. After a period of stable operation, all links of the transmission chain are relaxed moderately and tend to be stable, the probability of adjustment will be less and less.

Abrasion elongation means the chain elongates because of many abnormal reasons, such as without maintenance and lubrication, rusting, long time of overuse, over load, instant excessive tension because the machine gets stuck, etc. This kind of elongation is not recoverable.


The reasonable error of chain’s length is 2%, take 6/8”(19.05 mm) pitch plastic slat chain (used in NEXUS spiral conveyor, for example, the maximum permissible error is 38.9 (39 mm).

Please refer to the above drawing, if Pct > 38.5mm, it means the transmission chain is worn and we suggest you measure it regularly, and prepare a new chain for purpose of replacement during 300 working hours’ time.

Finally, in order to ensure the longest lifetime of the transmission chain, checking the length of chain and make good lubrication at least per 60 days are advised by NEXUS.