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The First Mini Inclined Spiral Conveyor of NEXUS

This is the first set of Small Spiral Conveyor released. It has belt width of 165 mm and outer diameter of only 1365 mm, driven by a 0.25 KW SEW motor— This is NEXUS Narrow Track Spiral Conveyor. To satisfy our clients' needs for transporting objects with space limitations, we come out with a conveyor that takes smaller space but transports as effective and stable as the standard one does. This mini spiral conveyor is customized for a client in Malaysia. It is made from mild steel material and will be used to transport tea bag [...]

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Which Kind of Transfer Conveyor is Suitable for My Production?

In the following two situations you usually need a transfer conveyor to realize the steady transmission of products: ● The objects are bottles, cans or other containers which are easy to fall/collapse because of small contact area on conveyor belt. ● Certain gap between conveyors, or between conveyor and other machine, such as feeding maching, packaging machine etc. so there is potential safety risk. A good transfer conveyor is also mobile conveyor, and has the following advantages: 1. It should be lightweight and portable, easy to achieve connection with other conveyors or machine. 2. With minimized roller diameter, which avoids [...]

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