In the following two situations you usually need a transfer conveyor to realize the steady transmission of products:

● The objects are bottles, cans or other containers which are easy to fall/collapse because of small contact area on conveyor belt.

● Certain gap between conveyors, or between conveyor and other machine, such as feeding maching, packaging machine etc. so there is potential safety risk.

A good transfer conveyor is also mobile conveyor, and has the following advantages:

1. It should be lightweight and portable, easy to achieve connection with other conveyors or machine.
2. With minimized roller diameter, which avoids the risk of product’ dropping in triangle area.
3. Compact design and space saving.

In the past transfer plate, transfer roller or small PVC/PU conveyor belt are widely used to achieve transition, however, each solution has fixed defections. Transfer plate is not flexible enough, transfer roller can’t be used for tiny objects, PVC/PU belt Conveyor have many disadvantages such as short life time, easy extension etc.

transfer conveyor

In order to overcome shortcomings of above-mentioned ways, NEXUS develop a kind of mini transfer conveyor installed with 5mm pitch modular conveyor belt, many of our clients call it small conveyor or small transfer conveyor. This mini conveyor has only 19mm roller diameter and 9cm thickness frame, with built-in roller drive or external motor depends on the conveyor’ specification. Most of our client by this mini transfer conveyor together with NEXUS Spiral conveyors to achieve good transition.

In fact, as perfect transfer solution, NEXUS mini transfer conveyor also has some other advance functions, includes adjustable speed and directions, customized feet, fully meet the requirements of different customers.