mini inclined spiral conveyor

mini inclined spiral conveyor

Inclined spiral conveyor

This is the first set of Small Spiral Conveyor released. It has belt width of 165 mm and outer diameter of only 1365 mm, driven by a 0.25 KW SEW motor— This is NEXUS Narrow Track Spiral Conveyor.

To satisfy our clients’ needs for transporting objects with space limitations, we come out with a conveyor that takes smaller space but transports as effective and stable as the standard one does.

This mini spiral conveyor is customized for a client in Malaysia. It is made from mild steel material and will be used to transport tea bag with 60 bags/min throughput.

To ensure the stability of conveyor during shipment, all NEXUS spiral conveyors are fixed with steel frame, plastic film is covered on the surface on purpose of dust & moisture prevention.

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