Want to improve the efficiency of loading and automate your garment factory, but unsure of the solution and ROI? You may find the answer here.

With the concentrated development of apparel industry, more and more garment processing factories are modernized and become large-scale. The growing demands for the production is an urgent question to be solved.

Transporting the packaged garment from production area to warehouse or stocking area within minimal space & time is the most-asked requirements we received from customers in apparel industry.

The solution is quite simple — NEXU Spiral Conveyor. Whether you have single-story space or multi-mezzanine space has single floor or multi floors, our conveyor can meet the requirement of vertical transportation perfectly.

-NEXUS Gravity Roller Spiral Conveyor: https://youtu.be/6pTc6OtiVoo

-NEXUS Motorized Spiral Conveyor: https://youtu.be/e0FF8bRLyo8

Gravity spiral conveyor

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